All You Can Eat Dimsum at Tien Chao


Dim sum means a touch of the heart, as it is always presented with small, beautiful shape and delicious in taste. Various variations are presented either in the form of steamed or fried dim sum which combined with different variants of food whether it’s an appetizer, selection of Dried toss lamb brisket noodle, wok fried ho fun with egg gravy, braised peanuts beef congee or shio kaw dumpling soup or dessert.

Chef Eric Lau specially prepare all you can eat dim sum on the weekend for lunch, with regular menu of eight steam dim sum, eight selection of fired dimsum such as har kaw, siu mai, cheng fun, xio long bao. In addition to the range for March 2017, sheng jian bao is on the menu with selection of salted fish Chicken pao, onion mutton pao, sweet preserved vegetable roasted duck meat, mutton pao and original flavor pao.

Tien Chao Dim Sum_jakarta

Wide selection of poultry and beef is also available, highlighting the famous stir fried chicken with coffee sauce,  and additional wok fried prawn in butter milk. After all the delicious dishes, guest could close the table with a refreshing dessert like Lemon Grass Jelly, Dragon Fruit Pudding or Sweet Red Bean Soup with Ice Cream. All you can Eat Dim Sum is enjoyable at IDR 288.000++ with additional selections of main course prepared a la minute and choices of Chinese tea.

Tien Chao that is located on the lobby level is open from Sunday through Friday (closed Saturday), at 11:30 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 22:30. For reservations or further information, please contact 021-5268080 extension 2322 or send an email [email protected]

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