Akira Back Restaurant: Mixing Flavors of Korean and Japanese Along With a Variety of Other cuisines

Another dining place has appeared! Placed in MD Place Building, at the Penthouse to be exact, makes Akira Back Restaurants one of the best dining with the great view of Jakarta. Akira Back Restaurant is centered on cultural merging: mixing flavours and tastes of Korean and Japanese along with a variety of other cuisines in an exotic fashion.

akira back jakarta restaurant jepang

This restaurant have an amazing view with the big glass of windows all around, with seating capacity of up to 180 seats and a bar capacity of around 16 stools. Akira Back Restaurant will set itself apart in the restaurant world with its food, beverage selections, service and commitment to overall value.

akira back jakarta bar

Authentic Japanese cuisine prepared with a Korean accent, derived from seasonal produce and artisanal sourced ingredients. Beverages will include a variety of sake & wine selections by the bottle or by the glass. The bar also offer selected specialty cocktails you might going to love!


Our first arrival they offered me their signature dish, first, we had one of their appetizer Akira’s Tacos, contained with wagyu galbi, spicy tomato ponzu, and crispy taco. The crispy tacos are served with juicy minced wagyu kalbi and topped with tomato ponzu sauce. The chef is very brainy to create this appetizer, great mixing between various textures and gain the crispy and tender and also juicy.


akira back jakarta pizza


Next stop, the waiter hand us over the Tuna Pizza, a layer of tuna sashimi and lastly topped with truffle oil, ponzu mayo and shiso. This round pizza cut into 8 slices. The taste is so light, the juicy tuna seemed to be so blended with the bread base pizza, which is so crispy!

akira back jakarta pizza


The drinks are also caught me by surprise, Lychee Lush Lemongrass; lychee, starfruit, lemongrass, vodka, lychee liqueur, orange juice. Beautiful colors and fresh mouthering!

This one is something new, and you would never imagine before; Fruity Ramen Martini, consist of chili vodka, plum, orange liqueur, apple juice, and lemon juice. Very unique and surprising with bunch of sliced fruit like apple, pear, and also strawberry and jellies. You have to be surprised for the second time; this side dish comes along with Japanese tofu, which is very smooth and light. Yummm!

akira back jakarta

MD Place Building, Penthouse / Level 12

JL. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Setiabudi – South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 29040777 / +62857 7778 8777

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