Ahok Named Suspect in ‘Blasphemy’ Case

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The heavy torrential rains that have been hitting us hard lately, causing floods in many parts of Jakarta almost every week, has not only affected the capital, but also other areas in Indonesia. In  Karawang, at least 13 housing estates were flooded, with more than 1,500 houses damaged, while Bandung had its worst in almost a decade, displacing thousands and destroying public facilities.

Breaking News: Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama has been named a suspect in blasphemy case over a campaign speech which quoted a Koranic verse while campaigning in Pramuka Island, Kepulauan Seribu, The Jakarta Globe reports. National Police’s criminal investigation unit chief Comr. Gen. Ari Dono Sukamto said Basuki allegedly violated Article 156 of the Criminal Code Procedure on blasphemy and Article 28 of Electronic Information Law on cyber harassment. Do you think Ahok deserves his prosecution? Let us know what you think and leave a comment in the comments section.

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  1. WNJ Admin

    Do you think Ahok deserves his prosecution?

    First of all I would like to distance me from the reaction on Ahok’s statement by coming to the streets in the thousands, not only ones but twice, whilst taking no public stand on a much more threatening issue of ISIS facing the whole world (not supporting the situation, but also not really condemning it in public).

    On the other hand it is a delicate and touchy issue which cannot be addressed only with the explanation that he (dixit Ahok) is a public figure who needs to run a Metropolitan serving all its inhabitants and cannot do this based on some religious books; be reminded that the same inhabitants include thousands of Muslim peoples whose hearts and souls were badly touched through his statement…

    He got the chance when he gave his explanation on the statement he made and could have just added in one sentence that he realizes that indeed he made a mistake which he deeply regrets and want to apologize for it… Sure that the Muslim leaders would have accepted this and certainly the whole situation wouldn’t have escalated as it did now.

    Why can’t we, like I personally do, accept the fact that we are living in a multi-religious world (inclusive atheists) and at the least show some kind of respect for each other?

    On the question itself:
    There is reference to two articles coming from the Indonesian law… Where and Who will draw the line whether or not to proceed with a prosecution case?
    I strongly believe that all, both Indonesians and non-residents, have the duty to abide by the law to avoid a state of anarchy. It is a hard conclusion and even though all what he already achieved during his reign as Governor does not exempt him from his duties.

    Letter from Dirk

  2. WNJ Admin

    Dear What’s New,
    Although I temporarily live in Bogor area due to my asthma, I still ofcourse support Ahok. He is a bit crazy but to tackle Jakarta’s gigantic problems with a half mad population one needs to be a bit crazy and gutsy. And Ahok is blessed with both. The reclaimmation project is necessary for Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok port because an excellent infra-structure only smoothens the path of economic development. Sedimentation due to garbage amongst others – and tons of mud flowing from the Puncak area to the Ciliwung river’s estuary during the rainy season has caused tons of headaches due to flooding . Regularly excavating truckloads of mud and garbage from rivers, canals and gutters including the seas around the port of Tanjung Priok is a daily process to keep Jakarta free from flooding problems and to keep ships from running aground. Ahok is regularly combatting excess of water, garbage and mud in the capital city..
    The major part of the Netherlands – some 70% – lies approx 20 meters below sea level but I have lived in Holland for some 8 years and have never seen flooding in this country. Mind you- Amsterdam including Schiphol airport and Rotterdam lie approx 15 mtrs below sea level yet their subways are free from flooding due to excellent engineering. The Tanjung Priok reclaimmation plan is a gigantic mega-engineering feat but I am sure that Ahok is cooperating with Dutch engineers who are experts where water is concerned. Ofcourse the eco-system will suffer but in the course of economic development, sacrifices should be made to improve economic conditions and to solve at least one of its many problems.
    I.will ofcourse support Ahok 200%.
    Thank you for keeping Jabotabek’s population informed !!!
    Lynna VD

  3. WNJ Admin

    Dear What’s New,

    Unfortunately I have not been able to find the comments-space, thus my comments are now addressed to you. Sorry!

    Mr. Ahok is quite straight to the point -nothing wrong with that.
    Mr. Ahok is of another faith than Muslim -nothing wrong with that.
    Mr. Ahok wants/would like to be ‘re’-elected as Governor of DKI -nothing wrong with that.
    Others would like to be elected governor -nothing wrong with that.

    Mr. Ahok has said something on one of his trips to the Thousand Islands -nothing wrong with that.
    Mr. Ahoks statements may have been unpleasant to hear -nothing wrong with that.
    Mr. Ahok has referred to the Holy Quran and may have made a quote -still nothing wrong with that.

    AND now he is to be charged for blasphemy -that is quite wrong!

    I don’t believe that a man like Ahok wishes to draw the Holy Qran into an unpleasant discussion. However, there are now so many ’so-called’ Muslims who have just very short fuses. These people are being used by those parties which need to create unrest, amongst others the FPI.
    We should have the courage to kick the FPI and similar organisations out of the country. We don’t have the time to entertain these people.
    Let these people run for ‘their ideals’ somewhere else and stop bothering us.
    Theirs is a shameful behaviour.

    With kind regards,

    Soloing HN

  4. YK Panjaitan

    Presecution like this bring our nation to mid age

  5. Peter

    Absurd. Nasty distortion of what he said and intended. Saw this reported also on BBC website. It’s the kind of development that makes Indonesia a laughing stock internationally. Sad.

  6. Lucan

    Reference Ahok blaspheming ……. another instance of dual standards being applied by minority or extreme factions of the Muslim community. Amazing how the tirade has become political, religious, racial, and ‘anti-improving’ ——- for once there is a person trying to rectify the failures of so many previous city / government officials and to make Jakarta a place more workable. Nearly 7 decades and the city still falls behind many of the ASEAN counterparts and yet progress is meassured by some as failure. Couple this with the dual standards regarding Churches ( a religion which is a recognised in this so pluralistic country ). Add to this pot the ever defiance of the call for mosques to show restraint in the noise pollution.

    Yes the complexities are moved to satisfy to calls of the few whereas it would be far better if foe the Nation they actually contributed positively to growing the country instead of trying to destroy

  7. Simon Chambers

    Cannot believe what I am seeing here in regards to Ahok being investigated fir blasphemy. This is a double take on what happened in Malaysia to stop a strong political change merchant. President Jokowi needs to show strength & leadership here and get his hands dirty.

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