Agneya Jakarta – Indonesian Cuisine Forged in Fire

Joining the diverse culinary scene at Jalan Wijaya, Agneya Jakarta officially opens for public this November. The new casual dining restaurant embraces the authentic taste of Indonesian cuisine, but highly innovative in their process of cooking. Just like its name that derived from Agni, the god of fire, most of the cuisine is cooked on fire with rambutan woods and charcoal.


agneya_edit_1At Agneya, you can find Indonesian cuisine as simple as nasi goreng and bakwan jagung, yet they taste like nothing you have tasted before. The fire from the cooking process brings heat to the dish, a quality that often found in Chinese cuisine. That, added with traditional spices, creates a new unique experience.


Even the drinks are unique. Choose from one of their Signature Beverages to get inspired by local ingredients combining into a perfect blend. In one drink only, such as Es Sereh Kunyit Segar, they use lemon, lemongrass, lime leaf, turmeric ginger, and soda.

agneya_edit_7When presenting the dish, Agneya encourages creativity so guests can have fun while dining. For example, you have to tear the crispy cover to enjoy the chicken fried rice, and using hands to savor the curly fried corn. Agneya also encourages bonding over the meal, offering sharing portions for one table. The experience from a basic ritual as eating, after all, has always been playing an important role in joining family and friends together.



agneya_edit_6On a sunnier day, the restaurant interior is filled with natural light coming from seamless windows across the room. The greenery at the lawn and the streets become a tasteful background.  Besides the main dining area that provides nonsmoking and smoking area, Agneya also has a sophisticated bar and a private room on its ground floor. On the second and third floor, guests will be able to book the whole level to celebrate special occasions.



agneya_edit_9Overall Agneya offers a unique experience without going overbroad. The Indonesian cuisine they deliver is authentic in taste and fun to enjoy.

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