A Decadent Euro-Korean Culinary Twist with Chef Edward Kwon


On Thursday, 27th of August 2015, WhatsNewJakarta was given the opportunity to experience one of the hottest culinary act in town, as South Korean’s celebrity chef Edward Kwon traveled to Jakarta to lend his genius expertise to host a group of guests at Shangrila’s Rosso to share his interpretation of modern Korean cuisine. Chef Kwon is a celebrity chef who has made a mission for himself to globalize Korean cuisine, with three successful restaurants back in Seoul, cook books and his own radio and television shows.


For the first course, paired with Wolf Blass’ 2015 Yellow Label Chardonnay, Chef Kwon presented his twist to a humble Korean porridge, Tarakjuk, traditionally made out of boiling mix of finely ground rice and milk, and added with leek oil, roasted sweet potato and pine nut. A very humbling dish that neutrals the palate and prepares the digestion system. Chef Kwon later explained how this dish, despite being very simple, had a place in Korean history as one of the few foods that the king of the Joseon Dynasty preferred for his health condition.

The set menu continues with the Hae Mul Nang Chae, a Korean-style ceviche with tiger prawns and scallops, served with fresh vegetables, the Korean-classic yellow wasabi and a minty perilla dressing, an exciting contrast for the taste buds with the strong yet complementing cut of the wasabi.

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For the main course, Chef Kwon upped the ante with his take on the Kalbi steak; as opposed to the traditional heavy-marinating method of Kalbi, Kwon perfectly pan-seared the Wagyu Ribeye to a medium and dressed it with light sweet soy sauce, crunchy thinly-sliced garlic and black garlic powder,  a balanced contrast with the side of mild pureed potatoes and root vegetable. This excellent dish was wonderfully paired with the Wolf Blass 2012 Gold Label Shiraz.

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As with everything good, the course also had to end although with one more impressive twist of modern Korean cuisine, as Chef Kwon closed the set with an artistic serving of of green tea chiffon cake and the refreshing fresh berries set on a bed of the grapefruit-like Yuzu, a citrus fruit originating in East Asia, topped with a sweet and crunchy nut brittle, few drops of basil and raspberry fluid gel and most importantly, a scoop of decadent black sesame ice cream.


During Chef Kwon’s visit, SATOO will also dedicate a special Korean open kitchen station on 29 August 2015 during the Korean Food Festival. Chef Kwon will make a special appearance during lunch time to present several of his creations, including a dish he specially crafted for Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.  The dish will be a part of SATOO’s ala carte menu and become one of the restaurant’s signature items.

The special VIP dinner can be enjoyed at Rp. 1,288,000++ per person with 50 limited seats available, while the exclusive gala dinner can be enjoyed at Rp. 988,000++ per person with 250 limited seats available.  Chef Edward Kwon’s special food station can be enjoyed as part of SATOO’s buffet, which available at  Rp. 408,000++ per person for lunch and Rp. 390,000++ per person for dinner.

For reservations and information, please call (62 21) 2939 9562 or access www.shangri-la.com/jakarta/shangrila/dining/

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