A Day Trip to Thousand Islands – How to Enjoy Pulau Seribu the Local Way

by Kyle Dougherty

Are you feeling drained by life in Jakarta? Do you feel suffocated by the concrete jungle and long to rejuvenate yourself in nature but don’t want to spend the money and time on a flight to Bali or Lombok? Luckily for us, there’s a cheap, easily accessible but often overlooked island escape right within the Jakarta regency-Pulau Seribu, or Thousand Islands! Though you may have heard of Pulau Seribu and deemed it not worth your time and effort, it’s actually a great option for a short trip, not very touristy, and cheap and easy if you have the right information. A return to nature that recharges mind, body, and soul need not cost a week’s worth of time and money- one day and an estimated 3 – 400,000 RP (including food, transport, and a little extra for any other costs) are all you need to enjoy Pulau Seribu the local way.

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