A Commemoration Of The 40th Anniversary Of Diplomatic Relations Between Peru And Indonesia

“Amistad” A Commemoration Of The 40th Anniversary Of Diplomatic Relations Between Peru And Indonesia

Indonesia and Peru commemorate the year 2015 their 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations.  During the four decades, a pattern of friendship or “amistad” as we say in Spanish, has guided our links. In order to celebrate this significant moment, the Embassy of Peru is preparing a unique event, which will bring together the best of both cultures through music. We are organizing a Classical Recital for the first time in Indonesia, featuring Indonesia’s prominent composer, Ananda Sukarlan, a top Peruvian opera singer, Mr. Rudi Fernández-Cárdenas and one of the best sopranos in Indonesia, Mrs. Evelyn Merrelita. The event will take place at the USMAR ISMAIL HALL (Jl. Rasuna Said, Kuningan), on Wednesday, September 8th at 7 p.m., preceded by a typical Peruvian cocktail.

This recital will be much more than beautiful songs sang and played by Peruvian and Indonesian musicians. We will present a new master piece of the great Indonesian composer Ananda Sukarlan, called “Amistad”, which is also the name of our recital and constitutes the spirit of this event and how we have perceived our relation with our Pacific neighbor in these 40 years of relations and the many more to come.

We are proud to recognize that today our bilateral relations have reached a historical new level. Not only reflected by the signing and pending negotiations of new agreements in diferent fields, but on concrete signs of interest to boost the connections between both countries.

In this regard, the Peruvian Government has opened a Commercial Office in Jakarta in 2014, seeking to improve the bilateral trade and investment of these two dinamic economies. Most recently, in 2015, it has also succesfully implemented the Defense and Naval Attaché Office of Peru in Indonesia, which is in line with Indonesia’s new emphasis on a maritime axis, and reflects the importance that Indonesia has for Peru, but, most importantly, these constitute the first steps for a new and more integral stage of the bilateral relations.

“Amistad” is a fusion of both ancient and rich cultures, exclusively composed for this memorable date to commemorate not only the successful developments in our bilateral trade and cooperation, but most of all, to reflect the relation between two friends, Peru and Indonesia. And last but not least to share with the Indonesian people that the things that we have in common are bigger than the geography that separates us.

Ananda Sukarlan is perhaps the first Indonesian composer to extensively connect literature and music successfully. He has set to music not only poems, but prose and even short stories penned by many writers in English, Spanish and since 2005 mostly Indonesian.

The Ambassador of Peru has entrusted Ananda to make the celebration concert for the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Peru. Naturally, the elements of both countries and cultures are present in this concert. Peru will invite its top baritone, Rudi Fernandez Cardenas and Indonesia will be represented by soprano coloratura Evelyn Merrelita. Not only that, there will be a World Premiere of a brand new musical work by Ananda, “Amistad” (“Friendship”) for flute, piano and string quartet which contains an interesting and highly unique combination of Peruvian and Indonesian musical elements. The program includes works based on Peruvian poets Cesar Vallejo and Jose Luis Mejia, as well as Indonesian poets Sirikit Syah, Wiji Thukul as well as music by composer Mochtar Embut. Both unique cultures of the two countries will be harmoniously intertwined as Peruvian baritone will sing some Indonesian songs, and the Indonesian soprano will sing some Peruvian (Spanish) songs, a true symbol of exchange of cultural understanding. It will be a kind of retrospective of the aspects of his compositional activities that he focuses on lately.

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