A Brunch Retreat at C’s Steak & Seafood, Grand Hyatt Jakarta

I have always been curious and was looking forward to try C’s Steak and Seafood famed Sunday brunch at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta, so when I finally got the chance, I jumped to the occasion and couldn’t help but wonder what would be in offer.

Because my brunch  companion and I came a bit early (11.00 am on the dot!), most of the seats were still empty and but it also meant that we could see the buffet spread in its full glory. A restaurant bearing ‘steak & seafood’ on its name, it’s only natural that these two food category are the one I needed to check out first.

I took my time and paid close attention to the ingredients that are on display, red and marbling sirloin and tenderloin cuts of beef, firm lamb chops were ready to hit the sizzling grill at anyone’s disposal. Moving along to the seafood section, this is I think is the most impressive part of the buffet; fresh clams, lobsters, fillets of salmon, king prawns, and crabs, were neatly arranged over beds of ice.



You have the choice of getting it grilled to your liking, or choose the readily boiled ones also displayed in in a long glass sushi cooler near the appetizer sections. One of the cook behind the counter greeted me and encouraged me to try the mouthwatering antipasti and salad, “or would you like some foei Gras?” he then offered me. A fine dining staple for brunch? Why not! He then swiftly put a couple on a small pan and cooked them in front of me. This fatty liver was then served on top of a slice of toast, sprinkled with candied tangerine and the spectacular kusamba sea salt, which are also available in each table.

Along with the tempting grill selection, a number of sides are also offered such as the rustic grilled vegetable, sauteed mix of mushrooms, and potatoes.



Although the fresh seafood are at top quality and freshness, making them consistently sweet and succulent and perfect with just a little squirt of lemon or a slice of pickle, my Asian palate led my eyes and feet to wonder at the buffet’s Asian Wok selection, which I can testify just as equally superior in freshness and taste.


The helpful staffs helped me with the lids and walked me through some of the spread of popular Asian specialties; from the Singapore chili crab, lobster in a simple yet aromatic garlic sauce, spring rolls and dim sums for the yum cha minded. These are simple dishes but as it happened, simplicity works best when the ingredient is top notch, and that’s the case here. At the non-seafood item, the choice was limited to Peking duck, gong bao style chicken, and lamb fried rice.

What better way  to end the buffet than to made an (initially) single trip to the dessert spread that C’s pastry chef has singlehandedly prepared. There were at least twelve homemade ice cream flavors to choose from, and scrumptious petit fours that despite the size, packs flavor and decadence. Including adorable strawberry tarts with thin waffle case, one of the lightest blueberry cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted, classic and pear tarts, and a decadently rich chocolate ganache tart. You’ll need a serious dedication to not grab that second plate!


As we sit down and enjoyed the cup of coffee offered by the friendly staff, the view of Jakarta’s HI roundabout was almost like a show of its own, and put an impressive closing note to my C’s experience.  Highly recommended!

Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Jalan M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Central Jakarta
Sunday Brunch Hours: 11.30 AM – 3 PM

Rp. 700,000++/person including soft drinks, juices, water, tea or coffee.
Rp. 900,000 ++/ person including soft drinks, juices, water, tea or coffee, red wine and white wine.
Rp. 1,100,000++/ person including soft drinks, juices, water, tea or coffee, red wine, white wine and champagne.
For more information and reservations, please call 021 2992 1383 or email [email protected]

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