9 Food + Drinks New Menu from Branche Senopati

Branche, a casual French bistro located in Senopati characterized by its industrial pop nuances just introduced their 9 new food and 9 new drink menus! Invited to the second floor, we were able to taste all of them in a beautiful VIP room with a long table setting. Here are our favorites:

Matah Prawn Tacosbranche_sep_2016_2

This fusion appetizer menu is refreshing and crispy! Insides the tortilla roll, mix vegetables, lime, and sambal matah create a delicious new flavors. One serving consists of two rolls with 80gr prawn.

Nasi Salmon Pepes

branche_sep_2016_10Who would guess Salmon can be a great choice of fish for pepes?! This simple idea has created a unique taste, but beyond that, the fish was cooked perfectly and matched with tasty seasonings. All in all it is a great idea with an excellent execution.

Classic Wales Slow-cooked Beef


Braised premium beef served with mashed potato, mushroom caramelized, and soft boiled egg! Juicy meat meets with silky egg and soft mashed potato creates an amazing play of texture. This dish is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger instantly.

Rendevous Mocca Cake

branche_sep_2016_9For a special occasion, or when you are looking for a simple dessert, order this mocca cake. One bite is enough to convince you that it is a perfect choice. It is sweet, sticky, but soft and will melt in your mouth!

Green Goodness


The healthy smoothie drink is sweet, milky, and has a fun texture. It may feel a little heavy, but the taste is clean so it is not overwhelming. Great choice if you want to freshen your day.


branche_sep_2016_8With a bright pink colour, this drink is definitely eye catching. It consists of milk, lychee, and dragon fruits, creating a unique sweet taste. The drink is also foamy and really smooth.

Spicy Rujak Tamarine

branche_sep_2016_5Another creative creation from Branche, the drink is consisting of pineapple, mango syrup, chilly chunk, and jalapeno! Such daring combination really reminds you of rujak, and it does taste like one. Salty, sweet, spicy, and really warm.

Nutella Martini

branche_sep_2016_18If you are looking for that creamy and strong drink, choose Nutella Martini! It is a perfect combination between vodka, white crème, chocolate syrup and nutela, served with chocolate wafer and homemade foam. This drink will warm your soul and make you relax.

Other dish you should check out on your visit to Branche are:

Barramundi Salad, Duck Confit Tortilla, Sliced Back Ribs Penne, Classic Floating Island, Rendezvous Mocca Cake, and Big Bad Platter.

For drinks: Green Goodness, Peanut Butter & Banana, Kookies & Kream, Spicy Rujak Tamarind, Nutella Martini, Simone Singnoret, and Breakfast at Tiffany.

Branche Bistro
Jl. Senopati no. 33
RSVP. 021 – 5734448
Email; [email protected]

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