8 Awesome Gadgets for Holiday Gift!

Have your done your Christmas shopping? If you haven’t, check out these one of a kind gift ideas ranging from an adorable looking surveillance camera, a robotic bartending machine, and a charging-enabled backpack!

1. ULO


Ulo is a cute surveillance camera masqueraded in a pet owl interacting with you through eye expressions. A web page and mobile apps allow you to customize eyes color, shape, and size to match your interior and your taste. The adorable eye expressions are possible with the new breed of  CD screens originally manufactured for next-generation smartwatches. Starting as a Kickstarter campaign, Ulo is now available for purchase starting from 149 Euro each.


2. Kazbrella


The umbrella has been around for over 3000 years yet it has remained flawed in its design…Until Kazbrella, a patented reverse folding umbrella comes in! This umbrella is drip free, as it opens inside out like a flower which leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside when closed. It also Opens/Closes conveniently in confined spaces or in the middle of a crowd, so you won’t be poking anyone’s eye while doing it!  To get it, you need to contribute with a pledge that starts from 35 Poundsterling, although it currently only ships to a select country.

Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kazbrella/kazbrella-revolutionary-inside-out-umbrella

3. Fruit Tapping Kit


The name says it all, this gadgets adopts the classic trend of transforming your watermelon (or other fruit if you want to get creative) into a booze keg.


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