7 Films You Have To Watch At This Year’s Europe On Screen

This year’s Europe On Screen will yet again take central stage on the 5th to 14th of May 2017 in various locations from cultural centre to open-air arena. With selections of 73 high qualities European films from documentary features to box-office shell bombs, Europe On Screen is the ultimate festival to watch them all. There are various films from brilliant actors and directors from all over Europe, But don’t get your hopes up on watching some serious action movie with over-the-top special effects, this is European movies, who’s often strong in their dialogue and character building. Which is interesting, no? Considering the selection of good films available in Jakarta, We are always given a choice to witness and experience something different. We picked 7 features that you have to watch at this year’s Europe On Screen, just because we can, and we love movies as much as you do.

1. Elle

France, 2016

The Low-down : Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the film tells the story of Michele, a video-game magnate as she brings the same ruthless attitude in her home and her business, but when one night her home was broken into and he had to face the perpetrator all alone, a thrilling game of mouse and cat soon ensues.

Why We Like it : Paul Verhoeven is one of Holland’s brilliant auteur, churning out classics like RoboCop (1987), Total Recall (1990), Starship Troopers (1997), Black Book (2006) and so much more.

Schedule : GoetheHaus 7th of May 19.30, Institut Francais 12th of May 19.00


2. The Girl With All The Gifts

UK, 2016

The Low Down : Set against the backdrop of devastated Britain when a fungal disease took over the population by storm, what’s left of humankind is saved by a group of soldiers trying to find out the key to that disease.

Why We Like It : We have a soft spot for zombies/apocalypse movie. It just makes us happy watching all those undead eating flesh alongside the Thames. Oh, the movie also won Best Horror Film at the Austin Fantastic Fest and nominated for Best First Feature Film at the much acclaimed BAFTA Awards 2017

Schedule : Institut Francais 10th of May 19.00 & GoetheHaus 14th of May 17.00


3. Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh Ich seh)

Austria, 2014

The Low Down : After facial cosmetic surgery, a mother comes home to her modern lakeside house where she lives with her ten-year-old twins. Her head swathed in bandages, the twins are unnerved when their mother behaved differently, and the two decided to play a vicious game with the intruder into confessing her identity.

Why We Like It : A wade of warning, this is one brilliant horror that gets you on the edge of your seat properly disturbed, smart and effective horror not for the weak at heart.

Schedule : GoetheHaus 6th of May 14.30, SAE Institute 8th of May 16.00 & Erasmus Huis 13th of May 14.30


4. Room

Ireland, 2015

The Low Down : Held captive in a tiny shed that is converted into a living space, a single mother must survived with her 5 year old son. They have created a whole universe for them inside the room but when they tried to escape and the mother’s spirit reaches its breaking point, they must face yet another trial; the outside world.

Why We Like It : Lenny Abrahamson is a director with keen eyes on good visuals and brilliant dialogue, and this movie, with its lack of settings, helps achieve exactly the kind of effect the director wanted.

Schedule : Erasmus Huis 6th of May 14.30, GoetheHaus 11th of May 14.30 and Institut Francais 13th of May 16.30


5. Son of Saul (Saul fia)

Hungary, 2015

The Low Down : Winning Best Foreign Language film for 2016 Oscars and the Grand Jury Prize for 2015 Cannes are seemingly proper for this film directed by Laszlo Nemes. Tells the story of Nazi concentration camp prisoners during World War II, the movie portrays the harsh-breaking truth of the holocaust problem during Nazi-occupied Germany.

Why We Like It : Apart from the two prestigious awards? We have a soft spot for brilliantly written war films.

Schedule : Erasmus Huis 7th of May 14.30, 10th of May SAE Institute 16.00 and Institut Francais 13th of May 14.00


6. The Unknown Girl (La fille inconnue)

Belgium, 2016

The Low Down : From the award-winning director of “Two Days, One Night” and “The Kid With a Bike” comes this thrillingly promising story about a young doctor who’s obsessed about finding the identity of an unknown girl who was found dead near where the doctor works. And everything took an unexpected turn when one of her patients turn out to be a colleague of the deceased girl.

Why We Like it : We love European thrillers! What’s not to like? The script is usually effectively written and the casts are amazing.

Schedule : Institut Francais 7th of May 14.00, Instituto Italiano 9th of May 2017 17.00 and GoetheHaus 13th of May 14.30.


7. Raving Iran

Switzerland, 2016

The Low Down : If you have to catch one documentary feature this year’s Europe On Screen make sure Raving Iran is on your list. The film tells the story of Two Iranian DJs who was alienated from their countries because of their musical preference. And when the two left for Switzerland to play at Lethargy Techno Festival in Zurich they were then told not to ever return to Iran. The movie is a shinning example of how art and religion comes at two intersecting points.

Why We Like It : Good music and smart characters with significant story-plot. Plus we get to witness first-hand the birth of western culture in a Muslim country, we all could learn a little something from that, good or bad.

Schedule : Erasmus Huis Exhibition 6th of May 19.30, Erasmus Huis Exhibition 9th of May 17.00 and Instituto Italiano 12th of May 14.30


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