5 Ways to Style Up Like Jokowi

As the number one person in the country, eyes are always following president Joko Widodo, or often we called Jokowi. And apparently this not excluding his fashion style!

1. Looking cool with military-inspired Bomber Jacket

bomber-jacket-jokowiLooking different during his speech of the 4th November, the public was distracted by how cool Jokowi appeared! The bombing jacket the president was wearing is becoming an instant hit and predicted to be the trend in fashion by the end of this year in Indonesia! The khaki jacket with black stripes is actually a new collection from ZARA and available for around IDR 1,000,000.

2. Batik for your formal occasion

batik-jokowi-2Choosing your batik by yourself is not easy, but you can use The president’s style as a guideline. At the store, or through google search, ask for Jokowi Batik and they will right away give you some impressive choices. Some popular patterns are padi seikat with black and brown colours, red rajawali, and kawung. Guaranteed you will be ready for any formal occasion.

3. White T-shirt for work

seragam-putih-jokowiOften time, we will see Jokowi wearing a white T-shirt with long sleeves especially during his famous ‘blusukan’. But what makes it so special is he would roll up his sleeve until the elbow line. The simple gesture has an inspiring meaning ; ‘ready to work hard’. Early this year, white T-shirt has become a standard uniform for all Indonesian government employees to be wear every Thursday.

4. For semi-casual occasions, wear his iconic checked T-shirt!

baju-kotak-jokowiJokowi decided to wear a checked T-shirt during his campaign some years ago. The simple design represents humbleness and it makes him looks approachable. Now the style has become so iconic that you may be assumed to be a supporter of certain party when wearing one.

5. Red tie to show power

jokowi-1Colour can be used to deliver message, and politicians often think about it seriously. During his presidential inauguration, Jokowi can be seen wearing a striking red tie over a formal suit. He also wore similar style when visiting other countries, like an occasion at the KTT APEC Beijing. The red colour is often associated with power, firmness, and passion.

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