5 Movies To Catch This November

Here is the list of five movies that’ll help us get through November, before finally preparing for that long-awaited year-end holiday…….You can visit Bookmyshow to book seats y’know, go here for the complete list of cinemas….



Director: Zack Snyder

One of the most awaited of all the DC Extended Universe movies is “Justice League”. Rightfully so, Warner Brothers and DC Studio are making this their most grand effort after scoring more than US$ 820 million income with “Wonder Woman” last year, the studio is ready to ‘take’ on Marvel Studios with its Marvel Extended Universe series. But I’m more of a DC fan anyway, so with the excitement all high, let’s see how this movie turns out.



Director: Kenneth Branagh

Based on the 1934 famous novel of the same name by one of the history’s greatest crime writer, Agatha Christie, this is the fourth screen adaptation after its most well-received is the 1974 version directed by the great Sidney Lumet. The modern retake of this classic will feature Johnny Depp, Willem Defoe, Kenneth Branagh, Penelope Cruz, Daisy Ridley, and more on an ensemble cast. Let’s see if detective Hercule Poirot story is once again done justice.



Director : Martin McDonagh

After gaining critical praise for works like “In Bruges” and “Seven Psychopaths”, director Martin McDonagh is once again returning to familiar territory where terms of loneliness and isolations are told beautifully through visuals. Oscar Winner Frances McDormand will be the leading cast and we have strong feelings that it’s going to hit some nerves! Too bad the movie is reserved for limited screenings only.



Director : Lee Unkrich

Disney and Pixar have always been brilliant storytellers. Their cartoons are washed with feel-good humor and strong characters with plots that will please both the young and the adults. So I can tell you that after “Inside Out” both studios have been making good on their promises with ‘new ideas’ and fresh stories. Let’s see if Coco will please animation fans this year.



Director: Joe Wright

This British war epic will be the year’s most-anticipated British release. With Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill, I can tell you that expectations are high. Written by Anthony McCarten the film will focus on the early days of Churchill when appointed as prime minister, just as Hitler’s army knocking on England’s sea-front.



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