5 Jakarta Record Shops

So you’re a music fan you say? Are you looking for that mint condition Miles Davis LP or are we talking more about the modern music chart? In terms of vinyl shopping, Jakarta doesn’t have much to offer, but ever since the mid 90s, the city has been at the forefront of promoting creative and independent movement in South-East Asia (Indonesia is South-East Asia’s first country to hold an outdoor rave the late 90s). And with that movement, along with the opening of cool blue places like Pasar Santa, Jakarta offers more than your regular vinyls shopping experience. Sure you can’t find a store as big as the Rough Trade in London or perhaps Hard To Find Records? But most Jakarta record-shops are independently owned, and they also sell pre-love items. Here are five places to satisfy your record craving soul in the Big J.


One of the city’s first record purveyors. They provide some off-the-grid titles, Jazz classics and a lot more. Having been the country’s first online record shop too, Monka Magic, located in Aksara Kemang stores a huge selections of curated albums and LPs (usually at a high price) but worry not my friends, as they have some discounted items that should get you going well. But if vinyl is your game, then perhaps Monka Magic is the first shop you should visit in the city. They also sell bargain turntables and cool music shirts, and you can also pre-order some items that they don’t have.


Jl. Kemang Raya 8B


Contrary to the name, this record shop sells not only blues records, but you will find selections of golden oldies and new collections from many other genres too. If you’re an avid audiophile, you can also browse through their selections of analog amplifiers to enhance your vinyl-listening experience at home. Located on Santa modern market, the music shops open from 3 in the afternoon all through the evening, and you can also listen to some cool records in the shop. It’s highly recommended to contact them first before visiting the shop, as they sometimes closed.


Pasar Modern Santa Upper Floor. Jalan Cipaku 1


Also located at Pasar Santa, Sub Store caters to the more second-hand vinyl market. But since they sell pre-loved items, you can almost find anything that’s unique here, and it’s not just vinyl, their collections of cassette tapes should also be high on your notes. The shop doesn’t open every day, so it’s best if you drop them an email first. As a community shop, Sub Store has a lot of unique things going on, and if you come here on weekends, you’ll be lucky to catch a band performing a stripped-down set.

Pasar Modern Santa Lantai 2. Jl. Cipaku 1


Recently opening their shop at Senayan Trade Center, Piringan Hitam Record Store starts out from humble beginnings at Blok M where they sell mostly pre-loved items, but with the insurgence of vinyl revival, the shop has been seeing steady stream of customers opting for brand new sealed items and other unique records. The shop also sells various different turntable that should suit your budget.

STC Senayan Lantai 2. Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX


What started out as a hobby has become a full-time job for the owner of Panorasuna, who also DJs and produce music under the moniker Darkbark. Panorasuna started out at a small outlet in Kuningan Area and have now opened their new establishment at Pondok Indah to cater more to the independent market. The store sells all things great from the revolution of electronic dance music. So if you’re a DJ and still uses your old Technics SL-1210, then this is the place to visit. You can also find cool new gears and turntable selections here, apart from electronic music production hardwares like midi keyboard and the likes.

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