5 Best Ramen in Jakarta

With the monsoon season upon us, it is high time that we look for heart-warming cuisine that bodes well with the weather. In addition to local flavors like soto, Ramen is one of many international dishes that people just can’t seem to get enough too. This staple Japanese dish found its heart in the capital with so many varieties and selection (there are more than 50 restaurants serving ramen in Jakarta). We pick out the top 5 that upholds authenticity, and just down-right delicious!




Choose your favorite ramen by manually selecting the best noodle and condiments that works for you. Ikkudo is one of the most sought-after restaurants to have Ramen, apart from their other amazing menu, they serve authentic hokkaido ramen with Chinese-style wheat noodles. We pick the one at Pacific Place for its central location, but there are more Ikkudo Ichi spread throughout town and you can find it on their twitter account, for more info @ikkudoramen

Fifth Floor, Pacific Place

Jl. Jend Sudirman



courtesy of labollatorium.com
courtesy of labollatorium.com

Located in Jakarta’s Little Tokyo in Melawai, Daitokyo Sakaba is one (among many) Japanese restaurants in the area serving true-blue Japanese food. But what they stand out for is their authentic ramen, oh and before you sup on their ramen, try their nankotsu and tsukuse cheese for appetizer, you can thank us later.

Jl. Melawai 9 No. 26

Jakarta 12160




Founded in Japan 40 years ago, Hakata Ikkousha is the authentic Japanese ramen famous for its thick and flavorsome broth. There is two main branch for Hakata Ikkousha in Jakarta, the one in Kemang serving halal ramen, and the one in Serpong serving pork. pick your poison, both of which are our favorites.

Non-pork Outlets:
Jl. Kemang Raya no.20, Gedung Kemang Arcade, South Jakarta | Phone: +62-21-7182-215 | Hours: Full Day 11:00am – 10:00pm
Mall Senayan City LG unit 06 B2, South Jakarta | Phone: 021 – 72781507 | Hours: Full Day 11:00am – 10:00pm

Pork-serving Outlets:
Jl.CBD lot 3 Gading Serpong , Paramount Tangerang | Phone:+62-21-2900-1079
JL.boulevard raya WA No.19-20, Kelapa gading jakarta utara | Phone:+62-021-453-0445
Rukan Cluster Garden House , Blok A No.1,2,3,&5,Bukit Golf Mediterania, North Jakarta | Phone:+62-021-2903-3271





The pioneer of ramen restaurants in Indonesia, 38 Sanpachi first outlet is in Melawai, and is still one of the best ramen-serving restaurants in the country. Offering both halal and pork that caters to all market, Ramen 38 Sanpachi has also some excellent jikogu tori karaage that is perfect before a warm bowl of ramen.

Kamome Building, first floor

Jl. Melawai Raya No. 1b9B.





Courtesy of therantingpanda.com
Courtesy of therantingpanda.com

Originated from Nagoya, one of Menya Sakura’s best menu is their Tonkotsu Tsukemen Special, topped with simmered bamboo shoots and delicious pork char-suTheir mazesoba is also an excellent choice if you want something else other than ramen. Menya Sakura’s strength is in the broth that’s heavily rich in flavors, a perfect choice for a rainy day.

Lotte Shopping Avenue, second floor Ciputra World 02A

Jl. Prof DR Satrio Kav. 3-5




Text : gs, Diana T.W

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