3 Must-Come Events In Jakarta If You Like Electronic Music

Jakarta nightlife, just like other cities in South-East Asia is a haven for those who loves late-night drinking and proper disco music with plethora of selections. Whatever suits your fancy, EDM music or even proper Berlin Techno, eccentric disco and vinyl revival nights, Jakarta has it all, and with so many labels currently holding the jug of what’s hip and happening, we would highly recommend you check out some of the label names like House Cartel, Enter The Void, Future10 and events like Sunset People Project, Excursion at Fable and many others.

Sunset People Project

Promoted by three underground names in the city’s electronic music scene Shawn Muljadi, Ridwan Gozali and Heru K, Sunset People Project have become a staple of Sunday disco event held regularly at Lucy In The Sky Jakarta. Bringing together different crowd of different electronic music market has been the main aim of the people behind the project. And with names like Dipha Barus, Dedosixteen, DNSW, Double Deer Sound System and the boys from Quirk It!, Sunset People Project have established itself as a melting pot of the best of the local electronic music scene. Check out their Instagram here for more info on when’s the next Sunset People Project Event.




As the pioneer of drum and bass music in Indonesia, Javabass Soundsystem have been the only one promoting this kind of music in the country. Established in 1999, the label has become part of the growing Jakarta’s electronic music scene by taking part in many major events such as Jakarta Movement, Rhythm Unity, Higher Level and many other underground raves and disco in Indonesia. But what the label is famous for is their legendary Phunktion nights! the serial events that has been running since the label first established itself is the longest running club night serial events in the country promoting only the best drum and bass music.


Enter The Void

So you say you like techno music? You like after-hours club? then gear yourself up for Enter The Void. The serial event that promotes the best part of techno music that goes on through the mornings at one of the city’s most loved night-life spot, Colosseum. Promoted by local names from different label, the event is one of the country’s most respected nightlife event. Mainly because it goes through the mornings and is known to hold their parties until 1 pm the next day.



All images and photos are courtesy of our friends at House Cartel, Javabass Soundsystem, Enter The Void Collective, Sunset People Project Collective.


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