3 Exciting and Meaningful Events Held by Sinarmas World Academy


Walkathon is an annual charity event organised by Students for Animal Voices and Ethics (SAVE) of Sinarmas World Academy (SWA), a student-run group, as part of their Serving Learning Programme. More than 100 participants along with their beloved pets joined the 2nd Walkathon event last April at The Breeze, BSD City. The event required participants to register and then encourage friends, relatives or businesses to sponsor their effort to complete the target walking distance.

Walkathon-1SAVE worked closely with an animal shelter called ‘Shelter Pak Johan’ in Tegal Alur and aimed to directly help and raise awareness of the problems that stray and abandoned animals face in Jakarta. The shelter itself is actually a plastic factory that is in the process of being renovated & converted into a professional animal shelter. Money raised went directly to the construction of shelter infrastructure, such as adding holding facilities for animals with the proper features to ensure safety as well as sanitary conditions, and for the purchase of food, medicine, medical treatment and to pay shelter employees.

Walkathon-2Through this event, the group also aims to raise awareness in the community that animals in the shelter would make perfect pets if adopted. SAVE also advocate that animal companions can help to lower blood pressure and provide an excellent opportunity for young people to learn how to be responsible.


Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) Middle & High School Student Council also organise an annual whole school talent competition named “Clash of the Talents’, providing everyone with an opportunity to showcase their musical, theatrical, sports or other talents.

The SWA community was once again been entertained and inspired by the multi-talented students from both ES and MSHS performance divisions across a two-day format with prize winners in each division.

Clash of Talent 1

Clash of Talent 2Winners were selected through a panel of judges and with a “people’s choice” audience vote element included in the award calculations. Congratulations to the talented winners and a special appreciation to all those who auditioned and to those who qualified to compete in the final round. Buzz would be already on for next year’s Clash of Talents. We are looking forward for more talents to show in 2019.


Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) students prepared a series of events celebrating Kartini Day as part of the Service as Action programme. The events provided the students with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and appreciation of the impact Kartini had on developing the traditions and culture of Indonesia.

The cultural performances included a groups singing ‘Melompat Lebih Tinggi’, a performance of Tari Kecak from Bali, a rendition of a song entitled Sik Sik Sibatumanikam from Sumatera, and a Wayang show from Java with traditional singing and students playing kolintang. Between the performances, teams competed against each other in a general knowledge quiz consisting of questions related to Indonesian history and culture.

Kartini-1Furthermore, there were house challenges that included a traditional food cooking competition with ayam kremes, sayur asem, and sambal on the menu; and a traditional clothes fashion design challenge where the students had to design the clothes with provided materials. SWA parents were also invited to participate in the Traditional Cooking Competition, and they cooked delicious tempe goreng bumbu, nasi goreng, and es podeng.

It was great to see the students being enthusiastic in developing a further appreciation of the richness of Indonesian culture.

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