2016 AIS Art Festival

Every year for 20 years, AIS Pejaten has been holding several art and cultural events to encourage children exploring their talent and sharing their works. On the first day of December this year, 2016 AIS Arts Festival featured movie screening, student art exhibition, battle of the rock bands, and music concert.

_dsc4076Interestingly, this year the students have created many artworks that were inspired by poverty in Jakarta and the world, as well as global issues such as refugee, war, and drugs. The works involved several unique techniques, using different platforms.

To really implement the concept of giving back, part of the proceeds from the events will go directly to Cancer Care at Hospital Moewardi in Solar foundation.

_dsc4083Students were able to spend their time together and have fun with a lot of activities in this internal event. But more importantly, support and learn from each other.

For more information about AIS Indonesia, visit www.ais-indonesia.com.

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