11 Must Dine Places in Kelapa Gading

Kelapa Gading is notorious for its immense choice of food from literally all parts of the world. It is where pork hunters will go crazy with choice, and nearly the best of Indonesian food sellers collide. We list some of our favourite and most popular Indonesian food that you can find in the area:

1. Seafood Wiro Sableng 212


A must try for seafood lovers, Wiro Sableng 212 (named after the popular Indonesian folk story of the blind warrior) cooks up mean fresh seafood in affordable price too. Must try: kepiting lada hitam (black pepper crab) that’s double cooked; grilled and then stir fried. perfect! The price is not listed on the menu, so better confirm the prices to the wait staff before you order to avoid any complications on your bill!

Jl Kelapa Gading Boulevard Blok QA 3 No 2 021- 4584-6930

2. Santai Malam 1001 Seafood


Photo: urukyu.files.wordpress.com

Another seafood spot in our list, Santai Malam 1001 has a quirky name that we’re not sure the meaning of (what’s with the numbers with all these seafood stalls?!) but definitely worth getting out of your comfort zone for if you live out of the Kelapa Gading area. Just like 212, Santai Malam also has a price range that’s hard to beat. A plate of shrimp or squid are around 40 to 50 thousand, while fish and crab are more seasonal and priced per 100 grams.

Santai Malam 1001, Jl. Raya Kelapa Kopyor No.1 Blok J4, Kelapa Gading North Jakarta
Phone : 021-4531192

3. Konro Karebosi


Photo: smartypans.blogspot.co.id

Konro, is a popular way of cooking beef ribs from South Sulawesi, or Makassar, where fatty ribs are grilled and topped with special peanut sauce, lime, with a side of beef broth, to be enjoyed with rice. Konro Karebosi is the most popular in Makassar, and only has one branch outside Makassar, that is in Kelapa Gading. If you’re fan of Konro, this spot is your best pick outside of Makassar.

Jl. Boulevard Raya TA 2 No.38, Kelapa Gading, RT.8/RW.1, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone: (021) 4520990
Hours: 10AM–10PM

4. Nasi Uduk Ibu Jum


A unique nasi uduk stall that is quite famous in Kelapa Gading. What differs Ibu Jum’s nasi uduk compared to others in Jakarta is that they also offer many selection of sides or lauk that you can mix and match with your nasi. Just point and have the server load it up to your plate. The seating area is also quite comfy and nice, and can get very busy.

Jl. Kelapa Hybrida Raya Blok QK 1 No. 1, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: 021 36666877 0812 13670007
Hours: 5 to 10pm

5. Sop Buntut Ibu Henny


A popular buntut (oxtail) franchise that first gained recognition for its sop buntut (oxtail soup), but has since branched out to other popular oxtail dishes such as buntut goreng, bakar, and also other Indonesian favorites.

Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok WB 2 No. 12, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 453 1179.
Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

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