105 Things to do in Jakarta City!

101 things to do in jakarta city

Admittedly the traffic and pollution of the city cannot be denied, but the ultimate attraction of Jakarta is that it is still a very safe and an affordable metropolis. Now by listing a 105 things to do while you are in this unique city can easily fill 52 weekends to complete a year of things to keep you busy with while secretly falling in love with the gentleness found underneath the smog and macet!

Once arriving in the city from the airport the fun can already begin – the first thing to do is to avoid all the drivers that offer you a ride! The only reliable taxi operator and service provider in Jakarta is Blue Bird and McDonald’s and the airport is the best place for you to experience both! If you planning to arrive in style make use of the Silver Bird service or hire your own personal car and driver with Gamya driver service at their booth inside the arrivals terminal. If you already reside within Jakarta – hopefully you have your own transport sorted and all that is left to say is Selamat Datang and have a great time!

Something NEW to try – brought by What’s New Jakarta’s Team!

1. Did you know Jakarta has its very own party bus? The service can drive a group of up to 20-25 people around on the‘Royale Party Bus’ – this is perfect for excusive entertainment, Hens Parties, Birthday parties or just sight seeing with your new arrivals -should you want to treat your friends and family who dares to visit you with a fun activity IN THE TRAFFIC!

2. Ciputra Artpreneur has a World-class stage theatre – finally we can look forward to stage productions of operas, theatre or artists performing. Keep a look out in the press for advertisements about upcoming shows in the new venue. The art gallery promoting Artrepeneur investment of Ciputra is also worth a visit!

3. Try a NEW Restaurant – What’s New Jakarta is the top online media to find out more about any NEW RESTAURANT opening in the city. Just follow our posts and try a new one at least once a month!

4. Stay in a NEW hotel! It is not just in Bali where hotels are popping up like mushrooms, every major hotel group has a hotel or is opening one in the capital and each one offer immaculate service levels and comfort making your stay both memorable and relaxing. Even old hotels always offer something new, such as Hotel Indonesia Kempinski that recently launched their presidential suite! Again just check out What’s New Jakarta to see the latest developments in the hospitality industry within the capital.

5. View a NEW art exhibition. Yes Arts and Culture is alive and thriving in the current economic climate here in Indonesia. A valuable source of information about the latest contemporary art exhibitions in Jakarta can be found from ISA Art Advisory, follow them on social media and always be in the know on what’s happening in the art world.

The OBVIOUS evergreen activities of ‘The Big Durian’

6. Visit MONAS – just do it again and again. Soekarno did trade in his car to build it and create a heritage for Indonesians to be proud of and besides seeing what the city looks like from way up in the tower, the basement also provides a valuable history lesson about the diverse democracy of the Republic of Indonesia.

7. TAMAN MINI is still the all in one stop to go to enjoy the cultural richness and ethnic heritage of Indonesia. An activity for the entire family from young to old is on offer as you take a guided tour of the archipelago in the captivating ring of fire consisting of over 17 000 island and 300 different ethnic groups! List of theme parks in Jakarta  – http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/item_category/themeparks-zoos/

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